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   WHY USE DANWELL Meter Boxes?

   DANWELL insulated meter box protects the meter and all other inside technical installation from frost. If you want to be sure. 

   In Denmark it is mandatory that every costumer shold have a water meter. This water meter should be installed in a way allowing easy 
Due to the fact that many consumers are absendt during the day, the water meter has be installed
at the boarder of the property and the public road allowing closure of the water supply for any
necessary repair of the pipe line or for any eventuel installation of tapping tees. It also allows the
community to read the water consumption at any time.
    Advantage of being installed outside of the house:

    1. After the watermeter is every house responsibility.
    2. Controls or repairs can be made during absence.
    3. Note of consumption can be made duing absence.
    4. Installatin of tapping tees for further consumers can be made.

    5. In case of any leakages, fast repairs can be made without wasting water
        and avoiding that drinking water enters into the ground.


    Disadvantage of outside installation: Frost!

    For this, Danwell's water meterboxes are equipped with an insulating champer of 700 mm height ( see the temperature chart )

1 Water meter
2 Water meter
Technical installation
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