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PE Meter boxes, Insulated meterbox, Meter boxes, Insulated meter boxes, Water Meter Box, Water meter installation, Water meterbox, Meterboxes


PE Meter boxes: DANWELL insulated water PE Meter boxes protect the meter and all other inside tecnical installation from frost.

PE Meter boxes

WHY USE DANWELL insulated water PE Meter boxes?

DANWELL insulated  PE Meter boxes protect the meter and all other inside tecnical installation from frost.

In Denmark it is mandatory that every consumer should have water meter boxes. These PE Meter boxes should be installed in a way allowing easy access.

 Due to the fact that many consumers are absendt during the day, the water meter boxes has be installed at the boarder of the
property and the public road allowing closure of the water supply for any necessary repair of the pipe line or for any
eventuel installation of tapping tees. PE Meter boxes also allows the community to read the water consumption at any time.

Advantage of PE Meter boxes being installed outside of the house:

1. After the PE Meter boxes is every house responsibility.
2. Controls or repairs of water meter boxes can be made during absence.
3. Note of consumption can be made duing absence.
4. Installatin of tapping tees for further consumers can be made.
5. In case of any leakages, fast repairs can be made without wasting water and avoiding that drinking water enters into
  the ground.

Disadvantage of outside installation: Frost!

For this, Danwell's PE Meter boxes are equipped with an insulating champer of 700 mm height.
INSULATED PE Meter boxes
Danish Water Industry registration ( VVS ) Nr. 14 5877.260 for meters up to:
QN 6 = to 1 for pipes and installation. 

Discount Model
 Internal diameter of chamber: 500 mm
Internal diameter of opening: 400 mm
Depth of insulted chamber: 700 mm
Total depth incl. bottom pipes and cover: 1150 mm. possible +450 mm
Materials: HDPE polyethylene and polypropylene.
Colour, outer skin: Black, ( UV stabilising Carbon Black ).
Colour, inner skin: Blue.
Colour, bottom pipes: Blue.
Main Chamber: Double skin construction, welded top and bottom, with moulded insulating core.
Insulating material: Moulded expanded polystyrene.
Bottom pipe: Polypropylene with strengthening ribs construction and cutouts for earthing pipes.
Fixing ring for valves and meters: Universal fixing ring that can be fitted at the required depth in the chamber. Four screws lock the ring to the inner face of the chamber.
Environmentally friendly: All materials can be recycled without environmentel damage.
Installation: Assemble meter boxes, valves and couplings joined with stainless plates, fit the four stainless bolts throungh the plates and fixing ring, connect earthing pipe to couplings, place the chamber over the fixing ring and support at the required depth. Finally, tighten the four screws against the wall and fix the cover ( with locking device if required ).
Optional surface ring: The chamber is fitted with eight rebates for a surface ring which can be fitted to raise the cover to ground level. Surfacing can be laid up to the ring for unhindered access
to the cover of the meter boxes.

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Insulated water box
This insulated water box should be installed in a way allowing easy access.

PE cover
The PE cover is designed, constructed and produced in Denmark. The PE cover is a registered utility model under Danish patent legislation.

Water meter installation
After the water meter installation every house is responsibility.

Hershey water meter
DANWELL insulated Hershey water meter box protects the meter and all other inside tecnical installation from frost.

Water meterbox
Controls or repairs of water meterbox can be made during absence.

Water meterbox
In Denmark it is mandatory that every consumer shold have a water meterbox. This water meterbox should be installed in a way allowing easy access.

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